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Ways to Supporting WOCRA

By getting involved with WOCRA in one or more ways, you can play a vital role in advancing its mission and helping women of color thrive and succeed in the retail industry.


  • Financial Support: Consider making financial contributions to WOCRA to help sustain their operations and support their initiatives to advance women of color in the retail industry. 

  • In-Kind Donations: If you have goods or services that could benefit WOCRA's programs, consider offering them as in-kind donations to support their work. 

  • Corporate Partnerships: If you represent a business, explore the possibility of a corporate partnership with WOCRA. This could include financial contributions, sponsorship of events, or collaborative initiatives to promote inclusion and progress for women in the retail sector. 


  • Attend WOCRA Events: Participate in WOCRA's events, conferences, and workshops. These gatherings offer opportunities to learn, network, and support the cause. 

  • Spread Awareness: Use your voice and social media platforms to raise awareness about WOCRA's mission and activities. Sharing their success stories and initiatives can inspire others and expand their reach. 

  • Advocacy: Advocate for inclusion and professional advancement for women in the retail industry by engaging in discussions, sharing research, and promoting policies that align with WOCRA's mission.


  • On-Site Volunteering: Offer your time and energy by volunteering with WOCRA. You can assist with events, workshops, or mentoring programs that benefit women of color in retail. 

  • Skill-Based Volunteering: If you possess specific skills or expertise relevant to the retail industry, consider providing mentorship, training, or consultation to women of color looking to advance their careers. 

  • Virtual Volunteering: WOCRA may offer virtual volunteering opportunities that allow you to contribute from anywhere. This could involve tasks such as online research, content creation, or social media management. 

Join Committees or Boards

  • If you have experience or expertise in areas relevant to WOCRA's mission, consider becoming a member of one of their committees or advisory boards. Your insights can help shape their strategies and initiatives.


  • Organize fundraising campaigns or events on behalf of WOCRA. Your efforts can help generate financial support for their programs and initiatives.

Long-term Commitment

  • Consider making a long-term commitment to support WOCRA through regular donations or ongoing volunteer engagement. Consistent support can have a lasting impact on their mission.

Engage Your Network

  • Encourage your friends, family, and colleagues to join you in supporting WOCRA. Building a community of supporters can enhance the organization's ability to create positive change in the retail industry for women of color.

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