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Kimberly Lee Minor

Kimberly Lee Minor is an accomplished executive with an impeccable record of building brands and developing strategies to keep business competitive and nimble. An executive member of leading domestic and international retailers and brand organizations, Minor is currently the President and Chief Commercial Officer at Bandier, the premier retailer destination for luxury athletic and athleisure fashion, where she oversees the direction of design, multi-channel merchandising, marketing, production, sourcing, and human resources.

Our Story

Many years ago, I had the idea to bring together women of color in corporate retail at the director level and above so we could build a network of support. Everyone I knew were onlies or firsts, and it was lonely and difficult to navigate. I set a date for market week, reached out to everyone I knew, and waited. Finally, the night of the dinner came, and there were six of us. 

Fast forward to 2020, and the world is turning upside down. And while so much was changing, so much was still the same. It was time to try again. It was time to make a change. So, I reached out to several trusted colleagues who had the same desire to change the trajectory for women of color in retail, many of whom were isolated or stuck in mid-level roles with no resources on how to progress. We also wanted to help retail corporations progress in sustainable ways.

In September 2020, we had our first virtual “We should know each other” networking event – we exceeded capacity. After that, we had several more gatherings and introduced our “My Leadership Journey” lunch and learn series and “Straight No Chaser”, our career development pilot program. 

We are ready to take our cohorts to new levels of career advancement and committed brands to new levels of social responsibility. 

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